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Braille Learning Board


3D Model of Braille Learning Board


This tactile 3D model is a braille learning board that can be used to teach people with and without visual disabilities braille in s simple way. The board contains all of the letters of the Latin alphabet. 

To read the braille, place your finger on the first set of dots. You should feel only one dot under your finger, representing the letter A. To go to the next letter, slide your finger slightly over to right to the next set of dots. Once you have gone through the first 13 letters, move down a row and restart the process again on the letter N. The guidelines on the outside of the learning board can be used to find the starting position: One dash is the first line, two dashes represent the second line.

Print settings:

Printing tips:

  • Requires only little experience.
  • Printing takes about 3 hours with predefined "speed" setting.

STL file download:

Braille Learning Board