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Board Game Figures


Tactile Board Game Figures


This set of six tactile board figures, enables blind players to identify their figures by the shape of the top.

Print settings:

  • Material: PLA or Resin
  • Supports: FDM: None / SLA:  Add raft to the build plate. Figures should be positioned between 45 and 75° to the build plate
  • Infill: 20%
  • Layer height: >0.2mm <0.35mm FDM
  • Designed by: Berufsförderungswerk Düren GmbH (JH)


  • Post-processing: None for FDM; Regular Post-Processing for SLA

STL file download:

Board game figures 1

Board game figures 2

Board game figures 3

Board game figures 4

Board game figures 5

Board game figures 6